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When working toward your Certificate at the College of Massage Therapy, you’ll participate in a combination of classroom, laboratory and hospital internship experiences. Areas of study include anatomy, physiology, professionalism, massage modalities and techniques, and body mechanics.

During labs, you can expect to observe demonstrations of massage techniques by the instructor and then practice those techniques with your classmates. A major focus will be dedicated to massage therapy techniques such as:

    • Neuromuscular and trigger point therapy
    • Lymphatic Facilitation massage
    • Swedish and sports massage
    • Side-lying massage
    • Deep tissue massage
    • Spa methods and practices
    • Chair massage
    • Reflexology
    • Asian Theory

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Getting hands-on experience with techniques like these is what prepares you for an entry-level massage therapy career. Employment and self-employment opportunities include working in a chiropractic office, a day spa, a medical massage therapy clinic, a sports facility, a health club, or provide chair massage in a corporate setting.


      • Anatomy and Physiology
      • Pathology
      • Swedish Massage
      • Clinical Assessment
      • Spa Modalities
      • Sports Massage & Hydrotherapy
      • Asian Theory
      • Reflexology/Energy
      • Palliative Care Massage
      • Chair Massage
      • Business/Ethics
      • Clinical Practicum
      • Hospital Internship
      • Advanced Pain Management
      • Manual Lymphatic Drainage
      • Myofascial Release


As the only massage therapy school in Idaho that is located in a hospital, The College of Massage Therapy can provide experience through the hospital internship. The need for this training is on the increase as the health care professionals are recognizing the value of massage and its healing effects on patients.

Through specific study and instruction by The College of Massage Therapy and hospital staff, students are introduced to the unique environment of the hospital or health care setting. Students are trained to take into consideration the medical condition of the patient as well as how to work around medical equipment.

Our admissions personnel are ready to help you learn more about educational and career opportunities as a massage therapist, contact us today (208) 785-3823! For specific questions about financial aid, classes, or attendance, please call (208) 785-2327. You are also welcome to text our team at (208) 681-4351.